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Making quality healthcare accessible to all transcending the geographical barriers

Medical Consultation

Our Why

 2 in 3 people worldwide have no access to Ultrasound Service

In the traditional Ultrasound procedure, there is a need for radiologists to be physically present on site. 80% of the radiologists live in urban areas.


We're making ultrasound imaging service accessible to all

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Screenshot (56)_edited.jpg

One Doctor
One Place
Multiple Centres

One Radiologist can operate and perform an ultrasound for multiple centres using our device. Allowing him to serve more number of patients without changing his location.

Borrowing super powers from the 21st century tech we are building a robotic ultrasound system that will allow radiologists to provide their service at any location around the globe

Access to Healthcare for Patients

Patients can now have access to life-saving ultrasound services anywhere irrespective of the location. It is easier for any diagnostic chain to establish an ultrasound centre as no full-time radiologist is required physically.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Tel: +91-87410 52677

Plot no. 1234, Venkata Ramana Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500085


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